Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Hello Parents..

Hi Parents, and anyone reading our blog,

Sadly, Mrs Larsen's time in room 5 is up and she is off to have her baby (how exciting!) which means I will now be the full time teacher in the room. 

I'm so excited for this year with all my beautiful Kindy kids and am looking forward to making many memories with them, and providing them lots of fun while developing a love for learning. We've had a fantastic start to Term 1 at Yanchep Beach with all Kindies adapting to school life and making lots of friends, and its been great getting to know them all so well- I can't wait to continue this throughout the year.

A lot of our class information was spoken about at the parent information session with Mrs Larsen, however if you feel you would like to know more or missed any, please feel free to chat with me anytime and I will be able to answer any of your questions. 

Thank you to all the parents and children of Room 5 for allowing such a smooth transition of teachers in the class over these past few weeks, your cooperation doesn't go unnoticed and I am extremely thankful. I look forward to working with yourself and the Kindies this year in order to make it their best year at school!

Mrs Sarah Sulon 

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