Sunday, 9 August 2015

There's holes in our fruit

This week during fruit time we realised that there were holes through our fruit!
Mrs Jory, Mrs Larsen and our parent helpers were certain they didn't get hungry during class so we discussed other alternatives that could have eaten it. Worms, ants and caterpillars were at the top of the list however some of us thought it could have been a 'caterworm', a dog or even a mouse.
We managed to narrow down our choices to some kind of insect by thinking about the size of the holes and what was more likely to be around our classroom.
Soon after our discussions the mystery was solved; by Mrs Jory! She was cleaning up the fruit scraps and found a very hungry caterpillar crawling out one of the apple cores. unfortunately she didn't manage to catch it.
We will be keeping an eye on the fruit trays this week to see if he has been back again. 
We are hoping he is much too full now and we will soon see a butterfly flying around the classroom!

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