Wednesday, 20 May 2015

The Big Bad Wolf Visits....Looking For Delicious Pigs!!

In week 3 the Big Bad Wolf came storming through the door looking for the Three Little Pigs.
He was holding some straw and some sticks and mentioned that he had been huffing and puffing and blowing down some houses. He looked so hungry and was sniffing to hunt out his lunch. We tried to steer him towards the pigs on the wall but he wasn't fooled and realised they were just paper plates!
We told him we were not pigs and that he should try looking elsewhere! He left us with a threat, if he didn't find the pigs in the next 12 hours he would be back!!!
As soon as he left we locked all the doors behind him. Isn't it lucky that our school is made of bricks! Some of us were too scared to go outside at recess, but Mrs Larsen and Mrs Jory assured us that they would keep us safe from the wolf!

Video from Group 2

Pictures from Group 1



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